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Project Execution

In the life of a construction project, a construction project manager manages the planning, design, and construction execution for the project in the built environment. From beginning to end, our responsibility as construction project managers is to proactively guide the time, cost, and quality of the project.

As a subset to this service, we tailor our construction project management to the client's preferred project delivery method, including Design-Bid-Build, GCCM, and Design-Build.

We also offer Delivery Method Advisement for those clients who seek insight into trying a new and appropriate delivery method for their future projects, to save time or cost, or for any other reason.

We are nimble and responsive and equipped with the intellectual tools required for successful construction management. For example, we maintain a total cost tracking log (tracking the MACC or GMP, change orders, etc.). In addition, we also manage RFIs, submittals, construction change directives (CCD), etc. For daily construction activities, we also perform extensive construction-activity documentation, such as daily field reports.

Project Management

Construction project management involves directing and organizing each part of the project life cycle, from ideation to completion.

Owners Representative

An owner's representative is hired by a project owner to represent him or her throughout the entire process of a development, including site selection, design, entitlements, permitting, and construction. The owner's representative serves as a liaison and ensures that the owner's best interests are carried out.

Design / Build Construction

Design Build, typically faster than the traditional design-bid-build process, combines the design and construction of a project into one contract. The designing firm and construction contractor become a team, working concurrently on the design and construction phases of a project, expediting delivery.

Turn Key Construction Solutions

Turnkey is commonly used in the construction industry, for instance, in which it refers to bundling of materials and labor by the general contractor to complete the project without the clients involvement. The word often used to describe a project built with limited input from the client once the project has begun. This allows our clients to focus on their core business while we go to work helping provide them with construction solutions to grow their business.

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