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Pre-Construction Services

The foundation of project success is established long before the shovel hits the dirt.

Building great things takes great execution in the field, but a collaborative and strategic approach with a great preconstruction team helps to eliminate surprises and provides on-budget and on-time delivery of a project. It takes a gameplan that lays out what will happen when and by whom. It takes collaboration. Our dedicated preconstruction team focuses on making strategic decisions together early in the process, delivering the best value in the supply chain and more to eliminate surprises.

Defining The Project Lifecycle

An effective pre-construction plan defines the entire lifecycle of a project and drives the success of numerous project elements, including prefabrication and self-perform work. That’s why we take this stage so seriously.

Tekton Construction Services’s preconstruction team members are passionate, trusted advocates who prioritize predictability through an aggressive, analytical approach. Our efforts provide a number of solutions, including:

Support That Goes Beyond the Norm

Our preconstruction services go well beyond traditional open-book cost projections and value engineering to create more reliable schedules and estimates you can count on. We strive to break the mold of traditional cost reporting lagging behind the design.

With a strong network of suppliers and trade partners, we drive value for you. High standards for prequalification have built a pool of the best subcontractors to compete on every project. We also watch market trends so we can counsel on when to buy what and when.

We arm our customers with the right information to make the right design decisions at the right time.

The Model Of Partnership

We engage with design teams often and early in the project lifecycle to ensure aligned expectations, integrating the design with the schedule and estimate.

Together, we leverage knowledge of past projects to predict how much a building will cost and establish data-based targets.

Additionally, we leverage virtual design and construction early on in projects to provide cost and time evaluations more efficiently.

Feasibility Studies/ Site Due Diligence

A feasibility study is an important technique which helps to decide which concepts should be developed as a project. Feasibility studies in the construction sector are preliminary studies undertaken at the very early stage of a project. They tend to be carried out when a project is large or complex.

Pro-Forma Work

A construction loan pro-forma is a written document forecasting the financial outlook of a new building from the moment funding is secured to pay for its construction until the completed project is financially stable for its expected use.

Capitol Project Planning

Capital Project Planning can be used to define a project portfolio, organize the portfolio into an official capital improvement plan, and share the plan with internal and external stakeholders. High-quality infrastructure is essential to a community's economic vitality and quality of life.

Conceptual Design And Rendering

Conceptual Renderings serve to express ideas even when the engineering and structural analysis have not begun. We create Conceptual Renderings using different techniques at various levels of detail. We utilize our vast library of architectural styles and elements in combination with our experience to interpret even the most basic design dreams into our client’s visual reality!

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Founded in 2022, Tektōn may be a new company but our experience is not. Tektōn’s founders, Nick Roberts and Joel Gebhart have over 30 years of experience in the design and construction industry.

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