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Determining the project delivery method (how the project will be designed and constructed), is one of the owner's most important decisions. Different delivery methods have particular advantages, depending on client needs regarding schedule and cost. Tekton Construction Services assists owners through the various processes required to successfully deliver a project.


The most traditional project delivery method in the United States. In this scenario, an owner contracts separately with a designer and a general contractor.

Design-Bid-Build consists of three main phases: design, bidding, and construction.


This method brings the General Contractor (GC) on board early to engage during the design phase. This collaboration is intended to meet ambitious cost and scheduling needs while also managing quality. GCCM Contracting is a process of collaborative management and construction process between the owner, architect and contractor. Typically, both the GC and the Architect are contracted separately and directly with the Owner.


Under this method, an owner typically hires a single entity, the design/builder, to perform both design and construction under a single contract and reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.

Design Management

Design is the process of creating a solution to a project brief and then preparing instructions allowing that solution to be constructed.

Sub-Contractor Evaluation, Selection And Management

Never underestimate the power of experience. We always match a subcontractor's capabilities to the project's requirements, including job size and scope of work.

Cost Management

Project cost management is the process of estimating, budgeting, and controlling costs, with the objective of keeping expenditures within approved budget.

Change Order Management

Change orders are formal documents that enable Asset Owners and General Contractors to make amendments to scheduled construction work. Changes to construction scope are often frequent and costly, so it's important that contractor understand the implications of a change order and how to mange the change order process.

Constructability Reviews

A Constructability Review is a project management technique to introduce “construction thinking” or “build-ability thinking” into the design phase of the project. Its purpose is to anticipate and identify challenges to the actual construction of the project before a project moves on from the design phase

Value Engineering

In construction, value engineering (VE), is a method your project team can employ to improve the value of your project by examining the function of each item or element and its associated cost.

Bid Evaluations

Bid evaluation is the process that takes place after the tender submission deadline. It involves the opening and examining of the bids to identify the preferred supplier(s) for the project. Negotiations may then be entered into with one or more suppliers, and the successful supplier awarded the contract.

Schedule Management

Construction projects are notoriously difficult, and they’re known for encountering delays. They involve a lot of moving parts, teams, equipment and materials. If any discipline needs a well-thought-out schedule, it’s construction project management.

Life Cycle Cost

Life-cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is a method for assessing the total cost of facility ownership. It takes into account all costs of acquiring, owning, and disposing of a building or building system.

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